Matching Consumer Fairness Objectives & Strategies for RecSys


Michael D. Ekstrand and Maria Soledad Pera. 2022. Matching Consumer Fairness Objectives & Strategies for RecSys. Presented at the 5th FAccTrec Workshop on Responsible Recommendation (peer-reviewed but not archived). arXiv:2209.02662 [cs.IR]. Cited 3 times. Cited 3 times.


The last several years have brought a growing body of work on ensuring that recommender systems are in some sense consumer-fair — that is, they provide comparable quality of service, accuracy of representation, and other effects to their users. However, there are many different strategies to make systems more fair and a range of intervention points. In this position paper, we build on ongoing work to highlight the need for researchers and practitioners to attend to the details of their application, users, and the fairness objective they aim to achieve, and adopt interventions that are appropriate to the situation. We argue that consumer fairness should be a creative endeavor flowing from the particularities of the specific problem to be solved.


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